The History of the
Saint Roch Distilleries

In the heart of Aosta Valley, the smallest region in northern Italy, St.Roch distilleries give birth to traditional spirits and liqueurs. They use few but fundamental ingredients: the love for their territory and the passion towards their job.

The story starts from far way, into the bourg of Campodolcino, in Lombardy. Here, at the beginning of the 18th century the Levi family already worked into the distillation field. The grapat, as these mysterious artisans were called, were used to go through the vineyards of the northern Italy, in order to find the best grape pomace to produce their grappa.

One of them, Gugliemo Levi, arrived in Aosta Valley at the end of the 19th century, and he founded his own distillery into the bourg of Sant’Orso. Here, he started to produce his grappa, collecting the pomace from various Aosta Valley cellars.

The Grappa Levi has been able to conquer the public’s palates; because of its success, the little distillery – set into the bourg – was no more enough, and a bigger place has to be found. So, in 1968 Guglielmo’s daughter, Natalina, founded together with her husband Cesare Rosset, the St. Roch distilleries on the outskirts of Aosta.

The name of that new company came from the homonymous bourg neighboring the old distillery. In addition to the historical Grappa, at St.Roch is also produced the traditional liqueur from Aosta Valley, the Génépy. Throughout the years, the distillery carried on its work following Guglielmo’s passion, being able, at the same time, to spread around the world a little bit of Aosta Valley with its products.

Nowadays, into a reality that is more and more focused on innovation, on the local provenance of raw material and on the cohesion with the territory, the secrets and the passion that characterized Levi distillers continue to gift big emotions.