Saint Roch Distillery

Aosta Valley leading liqueurs

Saint Roch liqueurs’ history is intertwined with Levi family’s one. At the end of the 19th century Guglielmo and Angelo Levi, descendants of a lineage of famous grapat of Campodolcino, founded in Aosta their distillery, the first in Aosta Valley.

Years go by and in 1968, Natalina Levi, Guglielmo’s last daughter, founded with her husband the Saint Roch Distilleries. The company grew and moved to Quart, near Aosta: the medieval walls of the ancient distillery gives way to modernity and technology, from which the typical flavors of the Valle d'Aosta liqueurs are born, including the new "A" Artemisia selection.


Artemisia Génépy Rosé

Ottenuto da un'infusione di Génépy e Lamponi.

Il Génépy : the plant with almost as many virtues as number of leaves

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Distillerie St.Roch
Loc. Torrent de Maillod, 4
11020 Quart (Ao) · Valle d’Aosta · Italy
Tel. +39 0165 77 41 11 · Mail
PI 00040900078 · R.E.A.: 31329 (AO)
Capitale sociale: € 50.000,00

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