Genepy in Western Alps dialects stands for five species of Compositae (or Asteraceae) family. Artemisia Glacialis is one of these rare alpine herbs. Originally, most probably, this word came from the old Celt language, even though its etymology is still uncertain.

Genepy is a spontaneous seedling, it has a caespitose structure, stem and leaves are silver coloured and the flowers golden-yellow, with a delicate bouquet fragrant and aromatic. Artemisia Glacialis grows in summer at an altitude of more than two thousand meters over sea level on moraine land formations. Because of its rarity, Artemisia Glacialis is included in the list of endangered species and the harvest is strictly controlled. It is harvested with great care between July and September, without removing the roots, by the shepherds of Aosta Valley. Thanks to years of experimentation now it’s possible to cultivate it in plots of land over 1350 meters.

Already in the ninth century it was said that Artemisia "had almost as many virtues as number of leaves", and it has always been attributed medicinal powers.

We produce Genepy St Roch and Artemisia St Roch from Artemisia Umbelliformis Lam combined with Artemisia Glacialis

Genepy is the result of centuries-old knowledge of distillation and herbs married to innovation and a search for taste.

At the eye is crystal clear and golden-yellow, at the nose recalls pure alpine air and summer flowers, the flavour is aromatic, persistent and combines the roughness of the mountain with the refreshing taste of spring water.

Genepy served after a meal is the perfect digestif, otherwise it can be consumed with ice during hot summers in "One the Rocks” version, or with ginger ale, "GenerAle”.

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